A downloadable game for Windows


WASD: Move the character

Left Mouse: Attack

Right Mouse: Possess weapons and drop them.

Ghost Sword is a game about a tiny ghost that can't let the others ghosts reach the end of the screen.

Install instructions

It's an executable file, just download and play.


GhostSword.exe (2 MB)


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Hey Zmads, I made the game "Sir shieldalot" I don't know if your remember, I promise you feedback for this game, but I always forgot to write! sorry.
Let me tell you, that is great! I love the animation of phantoms and sword, A little hard on firsts runs, buth when get used to controls I made a slightly high score. With a big collsiion detection when you attack it will be a bit less hard/frustating, that and maybe some level progression, like old arcade classics (pacman, frogger, DK, etc.) and this will be a real and fun arcade experience.